Fixed Asset Management System

A card system can be established within the desired categories in the framework of the account plan logic. Cards can be defined in any desired breakdown. Barcodes or NFC identifications can be implemented. Counts can be conducted using mobile devices. Warranty and periodic maintenance can be tracked.

Fixed Asset Cards
For the calculation of depreciation, economic life, and the method of depreciation calculation are entered into the cards. Accounting codes for acquisition, accumulated depreciation, and expense are entered for accounting purposes. Purchases of the same product can be tracked from a single card. It automatically becomes part of the automatic depreciation calculation based on the purchase date.
Depreciation Transactions
Depreciation calculations are made according to the company's preference, either monthly or quarterly. After the calculations are verified, they are locked for accounting.
Accounting Integration
The calculated periodic depreciation figures are accounted for by the defined parameters. The locked integrated calculations cannot be unlocked, and changes cannot be made.

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