It is fully integrated with leading private integrators in the sector, being the first e-transformation application that came into effect in 2014.
Incoming E-Invoice
Incoming invoices are queried and received from the private integrator. Acceptance or rejection processes are carried out for commercial ones. The system checks the incoming invoice by considering the tax number and invoices. Invoices entered into the records are archived at the year, month, and week levels.
Outgoing Invoice
Outgoing invoices, including front office invoices and stock return invoices, are called up for sending processes. A draft is created according to the criteria requested by the Revenue Administration. Invoices are sent to the private integrator after Schema and Shematron checks. The status of the sent invoices is queried. Invoices reaching their recipients are archived at the year, month, and week levels.
E-Archive Invoice
Invoices issued by hotels to end-users and invoices issued to customers who are not e-invoice taxpayers are called up for sending. After checks, they are sent to the private integrator to be delivered to the recipient.
Incoming Waybill
Acceptance or rejection processes are carried out for e-waybills entered into the system. If there are differences in quantities, they are entered into the system. Invoices related to converted waybills are archived.
Outgoing Waybill
Waybills issued to customers within the scope of e-waybills are sent to the private integrator to be delivered to the recipient after passing through checks. After receiving the response from the integrator, they are archived.
It is the first e-ledger software in the tourism sector approved by the Revenue Administration for the year 2015 when the e-ledger application came into effect. Records from all modules and integrations are generated according to the e-ledger rules.
Berat işlemleri
Firmaların seçimlerine göre şube yada tek defter olarak işlem yapılabilir. Ayrıca seçime göre aylık yada 3 aylık dönemlerde berat işlemi yapılır. Berat işlemi için öncelikle mali mühür gereklidir. Berat işlemi başlatıldığında sistem kendi içersinde mali kontroller yapar, bu kontrollerde geçilmişse eğer defter dosyaları oluşturulur. İmzalama işlemi yapılır. GIB'e gönderilmek üzere imzalı dosyalar kayıt edilir.
GIB'e servis ile berat dosyaları yüklenir. Servis’in desteklenmediği yerlerde dosyalar manuel olarak GIB’e yüklenir. İmzalı berat dosyaları indirilir yada manuel indirilen imzalı berat dosyalarI manuel sisteme yüklenir. Kayıtların boyutuna göre defterler birden fazla parçada oluşturulabilir.
Completed ledger files are uploaded to the private integrator that provides backup services. The secondary copy process is performed by private integrators on behalf of the Revenue Administration.

Kod software Inc. includes the Sedna and Asyasoft brands, locomotive products of the hotel operation and management industry. These brands consists of nearly 700 facilities and agencies, Kod Software Inc. has been assisting them for nearly 30 years.


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